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Above all, I feel to be a musician.

And as a musician, I can be mostly heard at concerts and festivals. Nevertheless, that´s not all I do. Throughout my career, I went through many genres (pop, rock, classical music, jazz, country…), until I found my place next to the sitar and other ethnic musical instruments. My music and my experience with its deepness are continuously moving me to many other activities. “My” instrument is mainly the sitar, but also I like to play many other instruments too, such as the fujara or hang drum.

Workshops and seminars

Music is here, most of all, to make us happy. Sound is a strong medium, which can vibrate our unconscious mind and also our whole being. My workshops can help to make this more understandable, allow you to try first hand, and to find out for yourself. The aim of music doesn´t has to be years of practising to learn to play some instrument, but to perceive the happiness from our creation and gradual virtuosity.

Therapy and meditation

Music can influence our emotions, unconscious mind but mainly, with its vibration, it has ability to release blockages. It is a complex and strong tool, so natural that often we don´t even realise and appreciate its strength. It´s not unknown to us that sound has the ability to clean reading glasses, to cut through the glass or to break the rock. So what is the possible influence of this energy on our organism?


You can find me and my music at concerts, exhibitions, festivals and company parties.


Let´s forget, once for all that one sentence “Now you have to practise and one day you will thank me for it.” Instead, let´s try to find paths on how to arouse one´s interest, love and happiness from the music. My seminars and workshops for children are aimed at triggering the interest of ´´exploring and creating the music´´. Not every child is able in music; nevertheless, every child is able to perceive the beauty of music.

For more questions or to book one of my concerts, please use one of my contacts bellow.



Zdeněk Hladík
GSM: +420 776 710 050